Meet the team.

Everyone at OX brings their own unique skill set and fresh take on the core talents that make OX work. These talents include great communication, creativity, curiosity, honesty, positively challenging, passion and selflessness. Our culture and way of working thrives with this balance of individuality and common values.

Meet our Board of Trustees.

Casey Norman
Casey Norman


John Stanger
John Stanger


Philip Watkins
Philip Watkins


It's not just us that believe in OX.

We think what we're doing is great, but don't just take our word for it!

OX secured seed funding from a private equity investor in September 2020. We have also been backed by Innovate UK and the Advanced Propulsion Centre through successful applications for project funding. 

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Rwanda Development Board have provided support to establish operations in Rwanda with a pilot beginning in Q2 2021. 

Foreign, commonwealth & Development office FCDO
Rwanda development board
OX truck driving up a grass hill

We're all on the same team.

We have some great partners at OX that we welcome into our team to work on some exciting projects.


We are currently working with Potenza Technology to develop an electric OX that we will demonstrate at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicles event in 2021.


OX also has signed an MOU with the Kandel Group to study opportunities in Nepal.

Kandel group

Our Structure.

The OX project was begun by the Norman Trust (registered charity 327288) which provided initial seed capital to develop the OX truck. The Norman Trust established The Global Vehicle Trust (registered company 08502974) to exploit the OX intellectual property. GVT is a company limited by guarantee controlled by its directors (J.Stanger, C. Norman (also a trustee of Norman Trust) and P.Watkins). It operates on a not for profit basis.

GVT believe that for the OX to achieve scale and therefore deliver maximum impact it can and should be run on a commercial basis. Therefore GVT is establishing OX Global Ltd (registered company 12939564) as a for profit business to attract equity investment to develop and operate the OX. OX Global will be a social impact business with B-Corp certification. GVT will reinvest any income to deploy the OX for philanthropic purposes in line with it's founding principle