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"We couldn't be prouder to showcase our vehicle at COP26; where it will be seen by leaders from all over the world!"

— Simon Davis, Managing Director at OX Delivers

Introducing OX...

OX Delivers has a vision to drive prosperous trade in rural emerging markets, in a net-zero-compatible way. 

To achieve this, OX is a clean, affordable, smart logistics company helping customers get their goods to market via an integrated ecosystem that spans eCommerce, credit, and zero-emissions transport. 

This ecosystem is enabled by the electric OX that is on display. 

Emerging markets need unique solutions: Efforts towards climate change made by the developed world are irrelevant if emerging markets are left behind. New business models are required as mature market solutions are not working for Africa. Africa can electrify as fast, if not faster, than its mature market counterparts. OX will ensure Africa can be first not last in the transition to net-zero.  

Expertise: UK expertise in EV and innovation puts it in an ideal position to respond to the opportunity presented in emerging markets. The UK plays a pivotal role, with its expertise and funding of innovation, in the progress of technology required to respond to the global climate emergency. This has enabled OX to develop the first electric truck purpose-designed for emerging markets and their conditions. 

Enormous demand: OX started a pilot operation in its first market, Rwanda, in Q1 2021 to demonstrate its business model that centres on getting goods to market. Since beginning the operation, OX has seen 40% month-on-month growth in revenue and an overwhelming response from customers about the positive impact OX has had on their business and lives. 

Sustainable social impact: By 2030, OX has committed to being net-zero. By 2031 we estimate to have saved over 40 million tonnes of CO2 and directly supported the creation of a million jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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