The world's first clean-transport ecosystem.

Through an accessible pay-as-you-go app, the OX ecosystem provides affordable transport to the billions of people that would never own a vehicle; new or used. This innovative platform not only delivers clean transport but creates opportunities for social and economic development.

OX delivers opportunity.

Current transport solutions in emerging markets are widely inefficient and expensive, resulting in issues such as increased goods cost, wasted produce and inequitable trade. By delivering affordable, clean transport into emerging markets, the OX ecosystem will create a self-reinforcing cycle of economic growth and social impact.

The OX ecosystem combines goods shipment with financial, trading and marketing services - all enabled by our unique zero-emissions truck. This allows OX, its users and their local communities to access new markets, increase their income and develop new business opportunities. Therefore creating more demand for OX and support for everyone within the ecosystem.

OX ecosystem 2G phone app

It's more than just a phone.

Smartphones are the new normal; they are a portal into our digital world. Take away the 'smart' function and you are left with just a phone, right? Wrong. In Rwanda, 80% of people have access to a 2G phone and they depend on it as a mobile bank account, a trading tool, proof of identity and so much more.

Together with our partner Endava, we have created an innovative pay-as-you-go 'app' that operates using a 2G feature phone. By exploiting technology that is already available, we have created a platform that is accessible to the majority and allows them to utilise OX services.

If you want to read more about our work with Endava click here.


OX can deliver so much more than just transport. The infrastructure we create opens up countless other opportunities to support local communities.

For the OX ecosystem to thrive, it requires invaluable partnerships including telecommunications, credit provisioners, logistics and mapping services, as well as financiers and clean energy providers. These partnerships not only help the ecosystem grow, but also become part of it; driving both economic and social growth.