OX's journey so far...

From a simple question to a ground-breaking collaboration and understanding of the need, through to the team developing an electric truck and a Mobility-as-a-Service business model today; our journey is pretty interesting. We've come a long way since the conception of OX, but the road ahead is what really excites us!

How OX began.

Between leading the pioneering redevelopment of The Roundhouse venue in North London through his charity, as well as writing a book, Sir Torquil Norman was pondering why the motor industry was obsessed with supplying heavier and more complex cars to just 20% of the population.

Through the foundation of the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT), Torquil pursued his ambition to help people in the developing world by providing cost-effective mobility for communities to undertake crucial daily tasks, such as collect drinking water and transporting grain, fertilizer or building materials.

Torquil briefed world-renowned automotive engineer and designer, Professor Gordon Murray CBE, on a unique humanitarian programme to create a lightweight truck for the developing world. 

Torquil Norman and Gordan Murray with OX truck

A unique product...

The OX truck, designed by Gordon Murray, has evolved and we are currently developing the OX into an electric truck to deliver clean, affordable transport.

OX Truck
OX ecosystem 2G phone PAYG app

...needs a unique route to market.

The traditional automotive route to market isn't quite right for a unique product and a nonconsumption market. This is why we created the OX ecosystem.

"Consider the electric car market today. Many companies – from Tesla to Ford – are developing products that compete with existing cars... They are selling these products into the consumption economy, where the competition is steep and the market is saturated. But what if they targeted nonconsumption? What if they focused... on the majority of people in our world, for whom transportation and mobility are a daily struggle? It may not be easy, but the opportunity... for an affordable product is vast."

— Clayton Christensen

Who are non-consumers?

On this planet, ~3 billion people will never buy a vehicle, new or used. They are non-consumers. They are the people, predominantly from emerging markets, for whom mobility is a daily struggle often due to a lack of funding, infrastructure and appropiate technology.

Why target them?

Non-consumers are often concentrated in emerging markets where their access to basic necessities such as food, water, medicine, education and transport is limited and dependant on an unreliable network. By putting non-consumers at the forefront of the development process, we can ensure that positive change happens and opportunites can be made.

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Could you be part of our journey?

We're growing fast and we are constantly looking to expand the OX team. Whether you are an investor, partner, supporter or a future team member; if you are excited by our vision, we want to hear from you. Reach out and join us on this incredible journey.