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Roads in Rwanda (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Part of the joy of being in Rwanda the past few weeks has been collecting data for the OX engineers to use when planning out the electric OX.

There's been good press in the past about the OX's off-road prowess, for example in 2016:

The reality, however, is that useful drive cycles can only be developed in-country, in-situ.

The OX will deal with mud across two rainy seasons...

up and down Rwanda's mille collines...

amid erosion, landslides, and floods...

The rural roads are by-and-large fine for existing vehicles (mainly Daihatsus, Fusos, and the like). The problems come in the bad weather, or when trying to access farmers' fields.

At that point it's very manual.

For small quantities, manual methods are used throughout the year:

More to come!


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