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What will the future look like?

December 16th saw the FT release an article titled Life in 2025: what will the future look like?

Part of a series called The World Ahead, the article was interesting only in what it lacked: any mention of any country in the 'global south'.

FAANGs, AI, Tesla,... -- yes, they are all covered in detail. But this commentary is prosaic, and suggests the same focus will be on the same markets in 2025 as in 2020.

OX won't change this alone. We operate on the simple principle that affordable, reliable transportation is a force-multiplier for markets and economies.

If you can remove the stress of moving something from A to B, you can spend more time doing more productive things. Also:

- B may offer more for your goods than A.

- B may host a cheaper market for inputs, and offer healthcare, and energy/connectivity/...

The markets in which we choose to operate are nonconsumers of transport. They're prime examples of OX gaining "new-market footholds, [...] creating a market where none existed".

Simon talked a little about this at Cenex this year. He focused on MaaS, and OX will build on this core offering through partnerships with other experts in their own fields.

What will the future look like? It will look like collaboration, coopetition, and ecosystems. It will look like layering symbiotic services atop core product offerings that reduce the price and increase the value of the individual parts.

OX will soon share details of our expert partners in solar energy parks, mini-industrial zones, agricultural conservationists, the 'cold chain', and more. We're all part of the same ecosystem and we can't wait to share what we're doing.


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