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Why Rwanda?

My OX journey started in June 2020 with The Global Vehicle Trust hosting my Warwick Business School MBA project & dissertation.

At this point, GVT had been going for a fair few years but was revamping its business model to take the OX from a diesel to electric powertrain, and from selling to owning/operating the trucks.

To support this model, the company was looking to develop a digital platform ecosystem through which OX could offer Mobility-as-a-Service to its 'bottom of the pyramid' customers.

We did a lot of work over the summer that helped inform my dissertation, including some great sessions with Endava on the MaaS platform, twice-weekly calls with the experts at BDO Rwanda as part of the FCDO (née DFID) Manufacturing Africa project, and multiple workshops and calls with other folk interested in the OX.

We also had a lot of conversations with companies active in Sub-Saharan Africa. These were perhaps the highlight of my dissertation research, as I was beginning to form a loose idea of how we could start up operations (if OX decided to hire me!).

It became ever clearer that Rwanda was the place to host the pilot project for the OX from April 2021 onwards. To fully explain why, I'd rather share some local insight from a good friend Yan. I wish I had seen this article before submitting my dissertation in September, as it encapsulates many of the factors that led to our decision. Please follow this link:



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