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The only purpose-designed electric vehicle for emerging markets.

Our zero-emissions OX truck is purpose-built to enable our on-demand logistics service in emerging markets. Specifically designed for emerging market conditions, the OX truck is more than capable of navigating extreme terrain thanks to simple, effective, and durable design.


Effective design isn't complicated.

At OX, we believe in simple but effective design, and the OX truck is no exception. It delivers high-carrying capacity, extreme durability, all-terrain capability, yet has minimal parts, low-cost manufacture and the ability to be shipped flat-pack.


OX is electric, so we gain the benefits of a battery-electric vehicle; zero tailpipe emissions, ultra-low energy costs, low maintenance costs, and easy to drive.

We're continuously developing the OX truck.

The electric OX was first exhibited at CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event in 2021. The Agile-led OX team demonstrated their commitment to continuous development with the next generation quickly following at the event in 2022. 

We are partnering with some of the finest automotive minds at Dana, Iveco Group (Potenza), Coventry University, Penso, FLAGS technology, and De Montfort University to develop the optimum truck for carrying heavy loads in challenging terrains. 

Our development has attracted funding from Innovate UK, the Advanced Propulsion Centre, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles and the Department for Transport. 


Tailor-made for our dispatchers, drivers, and customers in emerging and frontier markets.

Made in partnership with Endava and Awesomity Labs, OX has developed three integrated applications to facilitate our logistics operations.


Web app

Made for ease of dispatching, routing, and scheduling vehicles, OX's web application enables our team to provide the most efficient and streamlined logistics operations possible. Using the web app, we are able to provide our customers with the highest level logistics of service on the market. To do so, pur web app allows us to continuously improve through providing helpful data and metrics to our team on distances travelled, loads carried, and more!

Smartphone App

Dispatched by our web app and made for our DriversPlus, the smartphone app takes all the guess-work out of logistics. Our smartphone app allows our DriversPlus to plan their routes, input useful data to feed into the web app, and helps track our cargo shipments.


Smartphones are the new normal; they are a portal into our digital world. Take away the 'smart' function and you are left with just a phone, right? Wrong. In Rwanda, 80% of people have access to a 2G phone and they depend on it as a mobile bank account, a trading tool, proof of identity and so much more.

Together with our partner Endava, we have created an innovative pay-as-you-go 'app' that operates using a 2G feature phone. By exploiting technology that is already available, we have created a platform that is accessible to the majority and allows them to utilise OX services.

If you want to read more about our work with Endava click here.

OX ecosystem 2G phone app
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