The only purpose-designed electric vehicle for emerging markets.

Our unique zero-emissions OX truck is designed to provide affordable transport, whilst also supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically designed for emerging markets, the OX truck is more than capable of navigating extreme terrain in poor conditions thanks to simple, effective, and durable design.


Effective design isn't complicated.

At OX, we believe in simple but effective design, and the OX truck is no exception. It delivers high-carrying capacity, extreme durability, all-terrain capability, yet has minimal parts, low-cost manufacture and the ability to be shipped flat-pack.


The latest evolution of OX is electric, so we gain the benefits of a battery-electric vehicle; zero tailpipe emissions, ultra-low energy costs, low maintenance costs and being easy to drive.

OX truck

55° Departure angle

900mm Fording depth

Cargo payload of 1800kg and volume of 8.8m³

Clean, filtered compartment protecting key systems

Central driving position

50° Approach angle

Underfloor battery pack, Range >100km (fully loaded)

Off-the-shelf EV powertrain

144° Breakover angle

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No need for 4-wheel drive.

Four-wheel-drive systems add weight, complexity and cost to a vehicle. They also reduce ground clearance and increase tire wear and energy consumption. Through clever and innovative design, the two-wheel-drive OX has most of the attributes of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but without the compromises or cost.

The balance and ground clearance are more important than the number of driven wheels when covering rough ground. Using a combination of fully independent OXGlide™ suspension, large ground clearance and unique weight distribution, OX delivers excellent off-road capability.

3x more efficient than transporting fully-assembled vehicles.

The OX is the world’s first flat-pack vehicle. The components and sub-assemblies of the OX are tightly arranged within its own frame. The flat-packs are then transferred to a 40ft high-cube container, which can accommodate six OX trucks. 

Beyond the financial and environmental benefits of shipping more vehicles in one container, the flat-pack system means that OX manufacturing centres can be established in market without the need for high-cost equipment. In turn this creates local employment opportunities which enhance the social impact of the OX ecosystem.


Nothing quite compares.

OX is unique in its design; it has been designed specifically for the challenging terrain and conditions of emerging markets. This is something that cannot be said for the other, generally second-hand, vehicles that are currently used in these environments. 

For example, comparing against a typical pickup that is commonly used in emerging markets, OX provides three times the capacity, twice the payload and is the only all-terrain electric offering planned for utility purposes.


Whilst the current vehicles do deliver in certain scenarios; it often comes at a great expense or compromise. We see this as an opportunity for OX to thrive and perform without these compromises. 

OX is being continuously refined.

Everything can be improved. The OX truck was originally conceived by Prof Gordon Murray, the world-renowned automotive designer, and is now being developed by the OX team. 

We are partnering with some of the finest automotive minds at Dana, Iveco Group (Potenza), Coventry University, Penso, FLAGS technology, and De Montfort University to develop the optimum truck for carrying heavy loads in challenging terrains. 

Our development has attracted funding from Innovate UK, the Advanced Propulsion Centre, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles and the Department for Transport. 

OX truck driving off road