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Supercharging African Trade

"One of the best inventions"

— TIME Magazine

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The world's first purpose-designed electric truck for the Global South

10x cheaper to run than existing alternatives

Effective design isn't complicated

A unique product maximising plug-and-play, off-the-shelf parts. Our design philosophy centres around repairability and serviceability. Maximising non-handed and off-the-shelf parts enables up to 95% fewer parts that are loosely integrated for flexibility.

Streamlined assembly, maximum impact

A unique Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kit enables highly efficient shipping; up to 6 trucks per container. The OX truck can be assembled within local markets, generating new job opportunities.

Affordable, reliable transport delivered as-a-service

We serve entrepreneurs where there is poor road infrastructure and low access to capital. Our purpose built trucks deliver affordable, reliable transport-as-a-service.

We enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to prosper. Our larger, corporate clients outsource their transport needs saving them valuable time and money. While smaller businesses - individual farmers and traders - benefit from reliable, affordable transport services to access larger markets to increase their revenue.


Customer books a delivery


OX DriverPlus collects the cargo


Cargo transported in the OX truck


Payment via MobileMoney upon delivery


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